Fenbendazole cancer treatment is an antiparasitic drug that has been found to prevent the proper growth of microtubules in cells, essentially halting cell division and killing cancerous cells. Fenbendazole is currently marketed to deworm dogs but has shown promise as an anti-cancer drug in mice and humans. A recent study performed with a combination of Fenbendazole and vitamins showed that the drug slowed tumor growth in the mice, presumably by inhibiting sugar uptake which is essential for cancer cell survival.

To test the effects of fenbendazole (FZ) on human cancer cell viability, we treated cells with different concentrations for 2 h and measured cell numbers using a colorimetric assay. Cells exhibited a dose-dependent decrease in viability, with a plateau at the concentration of the drug at which the viability reached 50% of the control. Cells incubated under hypoxia demonstrated a higher sensitivity to FZ, with the curves showing a steeper decline and a lower plateau than those in normal cultures or those incubated in air.

Tubulin polymerization was also altered in the presence of FZ, indicating that the drug directly targets the cancer cell microtubule network. Inhibition of tubulin polymerization prevented the onset of mitosis in A549 cells, and a decrease in cyclin B1 levels was observed, suggesting that FZ promotes cell-cycle arrest or even apoptosis.

In vivo studies were carried out with athymic nu/nu mice xenografted with A549 cells and treated with FZ (1 mg/mouse) or olive oil every other day. After 12 days, tumours (2-3 mm in diameter) were excised and weighed, and hemoglobin content was determined to measure tumor vascularity. FZ administration resulted in a reduction of the expression of GLUT transporters, hexokinase II and other genes involved in glycolysis, suggesting that the drug reduces glucose uptake. fenben cancer treatment

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