When it comes to your sock drawer, there’s a lot to consider. Too loose and they slip down every few blocks, too tight and they’re rubbing your feet all day, and too rough, well, that’s blister city. Luckily, the right pair of socks can make all the difference: “Slouchy” ones in particular are great for keeping your feet warm while still looking chic. That’s why we asked fashion and style pros to recommend their favorites, from a slouchy crew-height version that Kendall Jenner swears by (available in a neutral Clay and a cheery red Brick) to a silky stretch knit option that’s perfect for pairing with loafers or boots and that even has a little bit of a snazzy logo on the ankles.

The best slouch socks look totally incognito under low-top sneakers and dressier shoes like oxfords, and the thin material doesn’t add bulk to snug shoes. Plus, they’re made from a combed-cotton blend that feels airy and sleek against your skin. We tested a few pairs, including these Idegg no-show socks (also available in men’s sizes), and found them to tick all the boxes: They don’t slip down, they stay hidden under low-top sneakers and many dress shoes, and they’re soft and comfortable for all-day wear.

If you’re going for more of a statement, try the short “Mother Fucker” sport socks from Idegg (also in men’s sizes). Thoughtfully designed to droop up the heel, they’re a little thicker than our other slouchy picks but still feel soft and light against your feet. Plus, the message isn’t so snarky that you’ll end up feeling like a corny White Elephant gift from a distant relative. best slouch socks

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