The Irish workforce has never been more diverse than now. Longer working lives and greater equality of opportunity have produced the broadest range of career possibilities in modern history. This is good news for jobseekers, but it also means that companies must cast a wider net than ever to find the right people for their openings.

While many jobs are advertised on traditional job boards and the like, it is becoming increasingly common for employers to post roles directly to their websites or through social media. This approach reduces costs and allows them to be more selective about the candidates they pursue, reducing the risk of making a bad hire.

A good job advert is critical to a successful recruitment campaign. It should include a short description of the company and the role, plus details of the qualifications required. A list of essential and desirable qualities should also be included. It is important to be clear and concise, avoid making up unrecognisable titles that could confuse candidates and discourage them from applying.

In addition to advertising vacancies on their websites, many companies will post job advertisements in local newspapers and community noticeboards. Alternatively, they may hold open days where they interview candidates in their premises or at public venues such as schools and colleges. There are also a number of employment support schemes available to help people return to work, including back to work Enterprise Allowance and community employment. Online Job Advertising Ireland

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