For centuries, women have whittled paper strips into delicately shaped and glued coils to create decorative embellishments. Also known as paper-rolling, this time-honored technique is now enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Author Ann Martin takes this ancient art form and modernizes it with stunning paper jewelry crafted from metallic-edged strips of varying thickness.

To start your own collection of glitzy paper earrings, you’ll need a few basic supplies. A slotted tool — the kind of needle tool used by scrapbookers — is optional, but highly recommended, since it helps you get those perfect, even rings and curves. Other necessary items include a non-stick surface on which to work (such as a paper plate covered in aluminum foil or a Styrofoam tray), and an acid-free glue that dries clear, such as Elmer’s or Scotch Clear School Glue. A fine-tip squeeze bottle is another must-have for applying the glue.

For the earring base, take your first color of eye-shaped coils and glue one end to the center circle. Repeat with the next strip, gluing the rounded part of the eye shape to each preceding petal, until you have six eye shapes connected to the central circle. To add the glitzy touch, spray light coats of Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish on your completed earrings and allow to dry. Then, use a jump ring and earring hook to attach them to your earring wires. Enjoy! Paper Quilling Jewelry

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