A custom suit isn’t just about getting fit right, it’s also about personalizing your look and feel. Some people think that you have to shell out thousands of dollars on Jermyn Street to get a truly custom experience, but the truth is that you can get just as good a suit at much lower prices.

Most men who shop off the rack can benefit from a few basic alterations to get a perfect fit. Having your pants hemmed, sleeves shortened or jacket taken in is a great way to improve the fit of an off the rack suit without breaking the bank.

Made to Measure (MTM)
MTM suits use standard patterns that are meant to fit the average male body. This means that a 40 regular Banana Republic suit will fit the same as a 40 regular at another brand like Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana or Dior Homme.

With MTM you talk to a sales person rather than a master tailor, and they are only there to take your measurements and relay them to the tailors. They don’t alter the base pattern, so you end up with a suit that’s close to perfect but still requires some alterations to really make it your own.

Most MTM companies use a process called half- or full-canvas. This involves a second fitting where you’ll try on a scrap suit of cheaper fabric so that all the kinks can be worked out before a finished garment is cut using a CAD system. This is why MTM can cost less than bespoke and is often the best option for men who want to have a high quality custom suit but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. Custom suits

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