The Community tab is a great feature that allows you to promote videos, interact with your viewers, and more. Many YouTubers use this to promote their newest video, but it can be used for so much more! This underrated tool can help you build a strong community that keeps growing and engaging.

People join communities for various reasons — they like to feel included, they enjoy the interactions, or maybe they get something valuable from the group as a whole. You can create your own community of viewers by emphasizing the values you stand for. This can be done in a video or as a text post on your channel.

Viewers often crave authenticity from creators. They don’t want to be spoon-fed content and videos that are highly produced, scripted, and put together. Instead, they want to be able to talk with you and share their thoughts and experiences. The Community tab is a perfect platform to do this, and it allows you to engage with your subscribers and followers in a more casual way.

Your community posts can include text, polls, images, and even GIFs! They also allow you to mention other users in your post, which is an awesome way to connect with your audience. It’s a great idea to have a schedule for your community posts so that you can be consistent and show your viewers that you truly care about them. You can also use a service like Publer to automatically create and schedule your YouTube posts for you! Building a YouTube community

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